WARNING: This page contains information that many people would find disturbing, and is best suited for those who have overcome fear to a large degree. Absolutely everything that has happened - or will happen - in this world is Love's answer to the necessity that we have generated with our desires. But because most of us tend not to desire Truth but instead desire to limit Truth to our desires, this generates a necessity that can be quite extreme. Because, the "fire" must burn the "hand" so that the hand learns to leave the fire behind. And with that in mind . . .

Many people intuit that we have entered the "end times" spoken of in the Bible. But this doesn't mean the world will end; it means that the world as we know it will end. And this is not a bad thing.

We have stuck our hand into a fire, as it were, by desiring something other than Truth. And because this "fire" is a vicious cycle of irrational thought that causes fear, which causes more irrational thought which causes more fear, God must teach His children to remove their "hands" from this "fire." And this is accomplished through a  repetitive, cyclical function.

This is illustrated by the countless cycles that we witness in nature, including the cycling of the days: from the darkness of night to the light of day, and back again. This cycling extends into months, seasons, and years. And as the ancients knew, time also cycles on a much larger scale, through ages that last for centuries: From dark ages, when ignorance is at its peak and people are largely self-centered and lacking in empathy, to Golden ages of enlightenment, when people work together without prejudice for the good of all.

We are currently experiencing the closing years of a dark age; the very end of a Great Cycle of time. And our collective ignorance manifests selfishness and a divisive lack of empathy on a grand scale, ultimately resulting in wars.

This selfish lack of compassion is denied by many of us who are experiencing the darkness of ignorance, because we are so good at fooling ourselves. For example, just look at all of the signs that say "God Bless America" but should say: "God Blesses Everyone Without Prejudice." An honest look at modern history reveals that we try to justify and glorify ourselves by burying our heads in the sand, as it were.* We are choosing to believe a fantasy of lies, because we desire Truth to be what-we-desire-Truth-to-be. And this is due to the fear that we adopted with our fall into the darkness of limitation. 

The most true statement that ever issued from the mouth of a politician came from Franklin D. Roosevelt when he said: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." But now, in November of 2016, irrational fear has led to the election of a man to the presidency of the United States who has made no secret of his egocentric and divisive nature, and his desire to implement those traits as national policy.

And this has been prophesied. 

"God put it into their hearts to give their kingdom unto the beast, that His will is fulfilled."                                                                                                               The Revelation of John 17:17

As the ancients knew, the human ego is that which the Bible calls the serpent, satan, the devil, the beast, and the antichrist. And God put it into the hearts of those who do not desire Truth, but instead desire to limit Truth to their desires, to give the insane ego total control of their nation and the world. Why? So that they will learn that the fire hurts!

Those who are fearful do not know Christ (else they wouldn't be fearful). And therefore, they do not recognize the anti-Christ. Many of these people consider themselves religious experts, and think that they "have it all figured out." But this is due to their lack of wisdom. And as the Bible tells us, "Many who are first will be last..." At the same time, it tells us: "...and many who are last will be first." Because, those who perceive the nonsensical nature of society's manmade religious and political dogmas and choose not to join group-consensus religious and political belief systems...they are the more advanced souls.

Yes, God has put it into their hearts to give their kingdom to the beast on a massive scale, because those people have done this on a smaller scale all of their lives. The fire must burn so that the fire is seen for what it is. And the Revelation of John tells us what happens when the first trump of seven trumpets sounds. (Catch the word correlation? Donald Trump; Trump-Pense...) And it is a description of the devastation of the world by fire; nuclear fire.

God told Noah that the next cleansing would come not by way of water, and elsewhere the Bible indicates that it will come by fire. But, again: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." All of this is a necessary part of God's plan for our salvation from limitation, and anti-Christs are as much a part of God's plan as Jesus Christ is.

"The Lord . . . will have all men to be saved and to come unto the knowledge of the Truth," just as Paul says in 1Timothy 2:4. There is no death, as Jesus Christ indicates in Matthew 22:29-32, Mark 12:24-27 and Luke 20:37-38, and as He demonstrated by raising His body back up after it had been destroyed. Death is an illusion. And you will not leave this world by dying, but by finding Truth; a process that you are involved in at this very moment.

Although only a minority are aware of this fact, the world has repeatedly approached all-out nuclear war. (Oliver Stone gives evidence of this in his documentary series The Untold History of the United States*). And few Americans would be willing to admit that their country has been the driving force towards nuclear devastation...while we wage "video game-style" wars that insulate us from damage at home while devastating the lives and lands of other peoples. But we will indeed feel their pain when our "insulation" vanishes in a radioactive vapor, which is precisely why it must eventually happen.

In the extreme darkness at the end of a cycle of time, incarnated souls have drawn furthest from their desire for Truth and have lost awareness of the fact that they are One in Being with each other and with God in the Unity of Spirit. Therefore the Earth must periodically experience a "cleansing," where all but a few advanced souls are returned to the realm of Spirit to await their next experience of time...just as occurred in the days of Noah.

"I am teaching you to associate misery with the ego and joy with the spirit," Jesus Christ tells us, speaking through the Holy Spirit in A Course in Miracles, where He also assures us: "The world is not left by death but by Truth." Again: There is no death; death is an illusion. Only the body dies, and the body is not what you are. When your body dies you will see your entire life, in every detail, with a clarity that you lacked while you were experiencing the body (and the fully-empowered ego). And you will see that you were experiencing pure misery because you erred to identify yourself with the body and the divisive ego...

No, there is no death. So, this classroom continues for you even when you are discarnate and are awaiting your next lesson in the flesh. And your eventual "graduation" from this classroom is guaranteed. For, as the Bible tells us, "The Lord is not willing that any should perish." And guess what? God always gets what He wants!

​NOTE: I also address this subject on the DISCLOSURE page of my website The Holy Grail is Found.com, where I give more information concerning the "beast" of John's Revelation, I introduce the two witnesses of God who are mentioned in that book of the Bible, and I give a more detailed explanation of the Meaning of Life.

* For a realistic perspective on modern history I recommend Oliver Stone's 10 episode documentary series The Untold History of the United States (available on Netflix), which is available in DVD and book form from Amazon dot com. It can be viewed on YouTube, though you may have to "hunt and peck" to view the episodes in chronological order.


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