THE CURE page 5

A Course in Truth

Seeking Truth Fearlessly

Truth is the Best Medicine

But Laughter is Next-Best

     Our senses are extremely limited. For example, there are more things that our eyes cannot see than things they can. And consciousness itself is very limited, as it is unaware of more things at any given moment than it is aware of... 

     So, it should come as no surprise that we find ourselves believing many things that simply are not true. And fear often causes us to hold tight to those beliefs, in a poorly-conceived effort to obtain a (false) sense of security.

     Only Truth offers real security. And all we have to do is be fearless enough to keep the doors of our minds open to It.

     If we do, we will find that we labor under a great many deceptions in this world. And that's what is meant in the Gospel of Thomas, when Yeshua tells Thomas that "he who seeks" will at first be "troubled."However, Yeshua goes on to say that "he who seeks" will then be "amazed," and then "rule over all."

     This is because the same insight that allows one to see all of this world's deceptions also allows one to see through them. And one will then see that we have taken this world of deception much too seriously...

     As it turns, our only real problem is that we think we have a problem! But because of the extreme power of our minds, if we think that we have a problem....we do have a problem! This is a vicious cycle that we must learn to break. So, let's lighten up for a moment, while at the same time considering how we tend to believe whatever it is that we want to believe.

A Moment of Levity

     A religious-minded man and a science-minded man were having a conversation one day. The religious-minded man was explaining how he takes the Bible literally, and he believes God created the world in six days. Furthermore, judging by the Bible, he believes that the earth is only about six thousand years old.

     "That's ridiculous," the science-minded man said. "A day as we know it didn't even exist until the solar system existed. So, what were those first 'days' of creation measured by, before the solar system was created? And as far as the age of the earth, how do you account for ancient dinosaur fossils? The Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs."

     The religious-minded man ignored the first part of that question when he replied, "God put those dinosaur bones there in order to test our faith in His Word."

     The science-minded man laughed and said, "We really do find reason to believe whatever we want to believe, don't we? I suppose you also believe in miracles."

     The religious-minded man asked, "OK, if you don't believe in an intelligent Creator, how do you account for the existence of this world and intelligent life?"

     "Absolutely nothing existed until the Big Bang, billions of years ago, when matter came into being," the science-minded man replied. "And then, over time, matter got more and more complex by various processes, including those involved in the life-cycle of a star. Atoms eventually formed living cells through chemistry, intelligence appeared, and intelligence evolved into higher and higher forms through natural selection."

     The religious-minded man responded, "And you say that you don't believe in miracles? Matter came from nothing, life was caused by non-living matter, and intelligence is an effect of non-intelligence? OK, you've convinced me of one thing; we do indeed believe whatever we want to believe!"

                             Believe It Or Not

And now, believe it or not, we are going to find that we've been given the answer to the greatest secret in this entire Universe. No kidding. Are you ready for it? On the next page: The Meaning of Life