Truth Is The Cure

And Truth Always Makes Good Sense

     Many people reject organized religions for a good reason: they don't make good sense to them. For example, how can God be vengeful and judgmental, as the Bible's Old Testament often indicates, and at the same time the New Testament tells us that "God is love"? 

     "Ask and it is given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and it is answered." A.S.K. We are encouraged to follow the path of reason rather than blind faith, "For if the blind lead the blind both shall fall into the ditch." And there's good reason why the word curiosity contains the root word cure. For, as the cancer example illustrates so well, in order to find Truth, which is THE Cure, one must  overcome deception.

     "I have overcome," Yeshua tells us, and, "He who overcomes shall inherit all things." Popularly known today as Jesus Christ, Yeshua overcame all of this world's deceptions. And he tells us how to do the same. But he hasn't been properly understood, because men who want Truth to be what-they-want-It-to-be have been allowed to re-interpret the meaning of his message. And the manmade version is far inferior.

     If the "good news" of Jesus Christ is far better news than most Christians have understood, shouldn't everyone be glad that this is so? Of course. However, fear causes misplaced desires. And so, Yeshua was rejected by men in first century Israel because his message didn't align with their presumptuous interpretations of their Scriptures. So, should he expect a different response today?

     He who desires Truth to be what-he-desires-Truth-to-be seeks not Truth; he seeks to limit Truth, which is impossible. However, he who understands that Truth can't possibly be something to fear, it is he who will find Truth. "And the Truth will set you free."

     The Holy Grail is Found investigates Truth from scientific, philosophic, and religious perspectives without prejudice, and shows how they all arrive at the same ultimate conclusions. And here's a video that hints at the Christian connections to all of this.

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