A Course in Miracles claims to be the words of Jesus Christ, given through the Holy Spirit in modern times. And A Course in Miracles is the first publication in recorded history to reveal the most esoteric secret in this entire world: the precise reason why we are experiencing it. Yes, The Meaning of Life.

The Holy Grail is Found, by Tom Rhodes, presents this information clearly. It also

shows that this same information is contained in the Bible, but hidden in symbolic language such that it can't be understood without the guidance given by Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, in A Course in Miracles.

The Holy Grail is Found presents this information comprehensively, such that no meaningful questions are left unanswered. But here is a very brief synopsis of the Meaning of Life in this world, which provides a good working understanding. And such an understanding is necessary if one is to overcome this world - as Jesus Christ did and as He encourages us to do.



               The COURSE in a Nutshell: The Meaning of Life

                                                                                                 by Tom Rhodes
A Course in Miracles repeatedly tells us that “Truth is simple.” And I have always intuited that one must reduce a subject to its simplest terms in order to truly understand it. So, I spent years “mining” A Course in Miracles, condensing it in my mind in order to distill its core meanings. And as a result, I can tell you that the entire Course can be reduced to this simple understanding, which is the long-sought Meaning of Life:

Truth is limitless. And we who are experiencing this world of limitation are experiencing something other than Truth . . . because we erred to desire something other than Truth! Therefore, our salvation from limitation simply requires that we return to our natural desire for Truth. And that is precisely what this world is designed to bring about.

In A Course in Miracles Jesus Christ explains how we, the limitless children of a limitless Father, came to experience a world of limitation because we made the error of desiring limitation for others. For, as the universal law of cause and effect dictates: One "reaps" what one "sows." Desire limitation for others, and you experience limitation yourself. It's that simple.

A Course in Miracles explains that we desired limitation for others by desiring “specialness” for ourselves. We who were experiencing the infinite Reality of Spirit had absolutely everything individually. But we wanted the impossible; we wanted “more” than others. And as the A Course in Miracles tells us, “it is this that is against God’s Will.”

Our minds are the most powerful force in the Universe. But all who come into this world of judgment and limitation attempted to limit the Limitless with our minds through judgment. And as a result, we judged and limited ourselves.

Instead of desiring Truth, we desired Truth to be what-we-desired-Truth-to-be. And although this is impossible, our desires are always honored. However, because this irrational desire for “specialness” couldn't be honored as we wished it to be, God honored this particular desire in a very special way, such that it will teach us NOT to have irrational desires that limit us!

And we should be glad that it is so.

The fire must burn the hand so that one will learn to remove the hand from the damaging fire. Likewise, our desire to limit Truth was answered with a limited world of unpleasant circumstances so that we will learn to relinquish that damaging desire; our irrational desire for "specialness."

Therefore, this entire experience of space and time comprises a matrix, designed from start to finish to accomplish its goal. Absolutely everything in this matrix is perfectly orchestrated. And absolutely nothing is left to chance. 

             "Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered."    

                                                                                                           Jesus Christ

And knowing all of this, one is able to find the one and only Holy Grail.


    "Shall I not drink the cup that the Father has given me to drink?"

                                                                                                            Jesus Christ

But you haven't found the Holy Grail until you have good reason to believe that all of this is true; your understanding must reach a deeper level of your mind. And that requires the Philosopher's Stone, so, you'll have to read the book!

"I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. But when the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth."                                                                  Jesus Christ

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