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     There is but one thing that obstructs Truth from our awareness. And once we understand what that obstruction consists of, we will be able to see through it. For, we shall find that the only thing that obstructs Truth from our awareness is false belief. And at this particular time in history, nothing illustrates this fact better than the disease that we call cancer.

     We are told that cancer is a complex and mysterious disease whose cause and cure continue to elude medical science. And yet, as it turns, both the cause of cancer and its cure have long been known. And this information is quite simple and easily understood. However, it cannot benefit anyone who refuses to believe it.

"It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."                                    Mark Twain

     This illustrates the importance of belief. So, before we unveil the cure for cancer, let's take a look at the reasons why false belief hides this simple cure, while countless numbers suffer and die as a result.

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NOTE: When these videos are finished you will see tags for videos that others have published, including some that address the baking soda cancer cure. Also, if you google the words "cancer" and "baking soda" you will find other videos and websites that address this subject. Many of these have some good info, but there are also misconceptions that I do not agree with. My information came to me through an inspired source and isn't based on any of these other sources


{Associated videos are located at the bottom of this page.} 

     I was led to the pH cure for cancer through Divine Providence, as I briefly explain elsewhere on this website (and on The Cure page of my website The Holy Grail is I also relate the story of a friend who had cancer of the lymph nodes and was given a death sentence by his doctor. However, following my information, this man drank a teaspoon of baking soda in water at least twice a day; especially before bed and first thing in the morning. And in just four months, with no other cancer treatments, his oncologist pronounced him entirely cancer free!

     More and more people are making this same discovery. For example, an Italian doctor named Tullio Simoncini treats his cancer patients with nothing more than baking soda, and he claims a 90% success rate.[1] The Nature Works Best naturopathic cancer clinic  in Arizona adopted the baking soda treatment for cancer, and also reports a 90% success rate against all forms of cancer. And individuals like Phil Vernon have assembled websites and videos in order to share their personal stories of overcoming cancer with a simple baking soda regimen.

     [Various methods are used to administer the baking soda, but I prefer to drink a solution of one level teaspoon of baking soda in about an ounce of pure lemon juice and four ounces of water. (The lemon juice is optional but highly beneficial.) See The Cure page of my website The Holy Grail is for more information.]

     So, when will you hear about the baking soda cure for cancer on the nightly news? And when will your doctor offer it as a treatment option?

     These things are unlikely to occur in our lifetime. Because, industries and governments don't tend to be ruled by people who desire Truth; they tend to be ruled by people who desire Truth to be what-they-desire-Truth-to-be. And they desire Truth to be something that gives them money and power, which is why the Bible tells us that "the love of money is the root of all evil." However, the cure for cancer is a good example of how those who desire Truth will indeed obtain their desire.

     To learn more about the baking soda cure for cancer I invite you to continue to explore this website. And you will find that the simple cure for cancer is just the "tip of the iceberg." Because, the desire for Truth will deliver you much more than the cure for cancer.


[1] I note that Dr. Simoncini believes that "Cancer is a Fungus," and he authored a book by that title. Whether or not cancer cells can be classified as fungi, cancer is not an outside invader. As the Nobel-Prize winning Doctor Otto Warburg discovered, cancer occurs when ordinary body cells resort to abnormal semi-anaerobic respiration due to a lack of oxygen. And this lack of oxygen is caused by an acidic body pH condition known as acidosis. (We'll continue to explore this avenue as we proceed.) 

The Cancer Epidemic Follows The Acid

      What was once a rare disease has reached epidemic proportions in the modern world for one primary reason: The Diet. Even in today's world we can see that the more primitive a society's diet, the less cancer that it suffers. And conversely, the more "modern" the diet becomes, the more cancer. (As documented here and here.) 

     Wherever in this world that America's "fast food" retailers migrate, cancer is never far behind. Why? Well, for one thing, manmade overly-processed and refined "foods" are lacking in nutrients, to the extent that most of these products can't even keep laboratory rats alive or in good health. But added to that problem is the fact that these products are, without exception, acid-forming in the body.

     Meats and grains are naturally acid-forming in the body. And because the typical modern diet consists primarily of meats, grains, and processed "foods," you can see why our bodies are highly acidified. And thus we are ravaged by diseases that are born of acidosis, including cancer, colds, and flus. Acidosis also contributes to most every other disease that one can think of. But for our purposes here, we can begin to see why cancer ravages our modern world, and why the cure for cancer is to alkalize the body.

     Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline-forming in the body. And please understand that a food can be highly acidic, as tested with litmus paper, but still be highly alkaline-forming in the body. (Lemons are a perfect example.) Online you can find pH reference charts that list the pH-forming qualities of various foods. But, in general, just remember that fruits and vegetables tend to be alkaline-forming, and if it isn't a fruit or vegetable it is probably acid-forming.

     Nutritionist know that the ideal diet consists of around 80% alkaline-forming and 20% acid-forming foods. But the typical American diet is the reverse, at around 80 to 90+ percent acid-forming.

     Raw vegetables are especially valuable, not only for their highly alkaline-forming nature, but also because they are extremely nutrient-dense. Heat destroys nutrients to varying degrees, and a good example is posed by minerals

     Any time a raw food is cooked, its organic and highly bio-available minerals are rendered inorganic and largely unavailable for assimilation in the body. For example, you'll get calcium that your body can use from raw vegetables, while you will get very little calcium that your body can use from pasteurized milk.

     No, things aren't always as they seem! And overcoming deception is what our search for Truth is all about. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: One can overdo anything, and an overly-alkaline condition can be very dangerous to one's health, as the body has no way to compensate. Generally speaking, it is primarily vegans that are at risk, if they are eating little or no grain products. So, it's a good idea for anyone, but especially vegans, to periodically check the pH of one's saliva (or urine) with pH test strips. A neutral balance of "7" is close to ideal.

​* Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a licensed medical practitioner, and this article is not meant to act as treatment for a disease, but is offered as information only.



The Secret To Finding Truth

​​     Your mind is the most powerful thing in this Universe. But most of us don't realize that fact, because we find ourselves experiencing limitation and we haven't known why. However, this information is now available, and it gives you the tools to overcome all limitation. But only if you desire to.

     As it turns, desire is the key to absolutely everything in this Universe and beyond. And to begin with, a person will believe only that which they desire to believe. This is true of absolutely every person, without exception. However, there is one factor that divides all of humanity into two categories, which are poles apart. And here's why.

     All human beings belong to one of these two categories:

1) Those who desire Truth.

2) Those who desire Truth to be what they desireTruth to be.

     Most people think that they desire Truth. However, fear is the mitigating factor. Because, in their fearful efforts to gain a sense of security, most people desire Truth to be what they desire Truth to be. And this is actually the opposite of desiring Truth, because this is the desire to limit Truth! 

     Absolute Truth, by definition, is not a variable. And Truth cannot be limited by our limitations; absolute Truth can never conform to limited desires. And because Truth is not accepted where it is not desired, awareness of Truth simply cannot exist in a mind that does not desire that awareness...due to fear.

     This is most unfortunate. Because, Truth can't possibly be something to fear; quite the opposite. Limitless Truth is wonderful beyond our current limited abilities to imagine, and offers only limitless joy. For, "The Truth will make you free" of all limitation. But before one can realize that fact, one must overcome the fear that keeps one from desiring Truth!

     This begs the question: Why do we find ourselves having such an experience, where Truth isn't always apparent to us and our fears allow us to choose to be strangers to Truth?

     The Meaning of Life is this world's most esoteric secret. For millennia even the most advanced sages haven't known exactly why we are having this limited, temporal, and transient experience. But for the first time in recorded history, this information is available to all who desire it. 

     The Meaning of Life was revealed by the Source of all knowledge late in the twentieth century as part of a huge body of information that answers all of mankind's meaningful questions. And this information enables absolutely anyone who is open to it to find their true purpose in this world. For, as it turns, everyone's purpose in this world is precisely the same! And because this information makes perfect rational sense, it enables one to confidently choose to live a most meaningful and fulfilling life.

     As one should suspect, Truth is the ultimate "psychotherapy." And It has not been denied us; we have rejected It through our lack of desire. For Truth keeps no secrets, and has been available to mankind from the very beginning of time. But fear has led to the desire that Truth conform to limitation, which is impossible. And Truth has remained forgotten.

   All of this is explained comprehensively in my book The Holy Grail is Found, which is supported at My name is Tom Rhodes. I've been blessed beyond my most optimistic dreams, such that my book is able to cover these subjects comprehensively. And with this information it becomes perfectly clear why Truth reveals Itself only to those who desire Truth... 

       It also becomes clear why the only reason for our experience of this world is to learn to desire Truth. This world is quite literally a temporary classroom that was created for the sole purpose of teaching us to desire Truth rather than anything less. Because, as it turns, our "fall" into limitation was caused when we, the limitless children of a limitless Creator, erred to desire limitation!

     While still experiencing limitless Being we chose to desire that Truth conform to one particular limited desire. And in doing so, we limited ourselves. But don't take my word for any of this; blind faith leads its followers "into the ditch." It would take an entire book to present this information properly, such that you can see how it makes perfect sense. And that book has been written. But the point that I wish to make here is this: 

    All that's required in order for one to become aware of Truth is that one desire Truth. And this requires that one abandon the only blockage to that desire, which is irrational fear. If you do so, the entire Universe of understanding is at your disposal, and you can leave all limitation behind. And it just so happens that this point is extremely well-illustrated by the tangible example that we are considering here, which is: 

The cure for cancer.

     The cure for cancer has long eluded most of us, because we have placed our belief in the wrong place; we have believed people who desire that Truth be what they want It to be. And they have told us that the cancer problem is a very complex one, because that suits their agenda. However, like Truth Itself, the cure for cancer is actually quite simple. Because . . .

     It's long been known that cancer grows only in an acidic environment, and cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment. And that's why:

Truths that are as old as creation itself have now been clearly explained and published for the first time in recorded history. This advanced level of understanding has the power to bring purpose and meaning to your life. And one immediate benefit that this advanced level of understanding offers you is . . .

The purpose of this website is to herald a quantum leap in human understanding. 

Here's a six minute video that we're using to introduce the public to this website and the simple cure for cancer. 

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